Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3D Leadership

Great leadership can not be contained from a corner office, or from a boardroom. Leadership is the ability to take a vision and make it tangible for those your passionate towards. Since the great economic crisis, the CEO, the small business owner, and anyone in a leadership position was challenged. They were challenged to stir the skills, lives and history of their organization and direct it towards clear waters. This storm that the world is currently in, is building momentum to bring down the best of us. At times, the greatest leaders, find themselves experiencing the hardships of poor continuity planning, lost of market share, lost of public support, decrease in public and private aid, and lost of self motivation. These casualties of war, can leave a state or country in ruins.

So, its critical that leaders restructure and rethink how to conduct business. Easier said than done. As a owner of my own company, mentor and former employee of a marketing firm. I have learned many valuable lessons on how to aid a wound before it starts to bleed. From my experience, the old model business must excel towards a new platform of performance. The top down model, as mention in many business course taught throughout schools must be reconstructed to a sideways organization. What I mean is, The idea of checks and balances is reinforced and quality is measured against quantity.

I strongly believe management should have a 360 view of their business performance and level of integrity in its target market. The customer bases, is becoming more segmented, as more people are exposed to the idea of social media. Social media, which connects the world on a level, that provides, its users with almost real time data to events and information, can expose a  companies brand to negative information in record time, if not monitored and maintained properly. I decided to use, Social media as my prime example because it has taken residence in many organization marketing plans. Everyone, see great potential in using it to build online communities, but many forget how to protect a community from unforeseen dangers. As, I stated before, we live in a world of information. Where, its positive or negative it will travel at the speed of light, and a business, must try to meet the demand of this entity, by training and preparing its employees. So, businesses will have to be adaptable and inventive to keep their brand intact. It has been seen among management, many fundamental breakdown  in design, project management, supportive analysis, budgeting, financial reporting, and performance  monitoring. These, areas of business, under leadership with a 2D approach, could never be properly reported and evaluated for quality, but a 3D approach, data is tangible and transparent. Leadership, wont wait until quarterly projects come in negative to asks what happened, or who was in charge when the product well through the cracks.

Today's leaders have to act as pioneers seeking news methods to make their business grow and expand. Just delegating to workers, isn't enough. Leaders have to reinforce the companies vision of creativity and reliability. If all the employees feel that they are held accountable and have a stake in the companies future. Then they will work towards their goals will more passion. This, will later bring more ideas to the table, that can help cast the business into markets it never saw possible.

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