Friday, January 29, 2010

Starting Point

Welcome to the first of many post designed by a guy to help a guy. Today's gentlemen is faced with more social pressures than ever before. We were taught since birth that the key to success starts at home, with a strong family circle, strong ties in the community, and a strong moral background. Yet, often this simple goal is almost beaten down or lost, because no one was around to tell how to accomplish it. I know your wondering where I'm going with this, but I want to point out the fact that in life, we're given blocks, and the instructions on what to make with them, dangled in our grasp at birth, we had a support system of some type of family member or friend that was around to help use put the pieces together when things didn't make sense. I have noticed things have not made sense for most guys lately. It seems this world has gotten on the hamster wheel and has been running in circles getting no where fast. I decided to create this blog to help offer advice to guys growing up and coupling with the harsh cruelties of reality.

Now, you might wonder, how can a stranger help me, how can a stranger relate if he didn't walk a mile in my shoes. I am here to let you know, I am willing to share the knowledge that a couple of friends including myself, have gathered so far walking this path of life. This blog will be based on a saying my dad told me, "let experience be the last teacher, and wisdom become your study buddy". This saying has helped me avoid many of life headaches and heartaches. Whether it came from dating issues, social interaction, financial or self encouragement. I am willing to offer advice and also listen out for advice. This blog is not your one stop shop for the cure for the common problem or situation, but is a place on the web where opinions matter, and social networking is just more than paying a fee or registering your information to post a comment; this blog is will be a beacon for guys to come together and share life the best they know how, and pass it on to another guy who can later continue sharing life walking in his shoes.

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