Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emotional Infidelity

Well guys, has your girlfriend ever accuse you of cheating on her, only because she feels you have to many "girl" friends that you're to close to? You know what I mean, you have more than one female friend you have to call and talk to and It seems "girl" friends are ticking time bombs in the eyes of your girlfriend. I guess, they seem to come off as alien invaders, on a mission to separate and destroy the love you and your girlfriend have for each other. Now after saying all that, it has come to my attention gentlemen, that girls will never be comfortable knowing you have friends in general. Some girls can't stand it, some are good at hiding the fact, and others are more open about it.

It seems to my experience that girls don't trust us, because they don't trust themselves. I guess you're wondering what I mean. Girls are more prone to cheating than guys, while they call us dogs and animals, but inside they know they're just keeping us occupied while they cheat on us. Now cheating, I've learned does not always mean a guy/girl is sleeping with another partner, but you can cheat on someone emotionally, sad to say many girls have been guilty of this crime more than once. From my own experience girls/woman are more exposed to Emotional Infidelity than men. It seems with so much media available and the Internet accessibility increasing daily, its almost impossible for them not to connect with someone they feel that understands them better than you, who sees them everyday.

Emotional Infidelity occurs most often when your partner feels a disconnect with you on some level that she feels your not fulfilling. In your relationship, it's best to look out for warning signs that might be given off before the new partner she's speaking to gets more serious. Here are list of warn signs to look out for:

1. On her cell phone is a picture of another guy
2. She's always seems distracted and distant
3. She often compares your actions to that of her nameless friend
4. She often talks about how live will be living in another state or country to often
5. She always erases or passwords protects her internet browsing files
6. She always shares her goals and dreams with someone else
7. She often going out to dinner with friends, but there's always a certain guy there
8. She would hold certain phone calls in another room
9. Will keep her phone on vibrate, even when home
10. Always willing to argue over little things

These are some the signs I advise you to look out for, to prevent a long term relationship heartache. Many girls if not checked will try to balance out this life style because of the rush they may get from it. Now, don't get me wrong cheating is wrong regardless of how you slice it, but when you're able to spot the warning signs, it can surely save you so much time and money. Also, I encourage you guys out there, that have experienced this before, try not to take that memory with you into the next relationship; in other words, be aware of the warning signs but don't let them know you know the signs. Emotional Infidelity can be halted if you keep an open channel of communication with your partner, and ask her to share with you here thought and ideas on guys she's met daily or from her past. For Example: Recently the Twilight movie came out, and the level of emotional Infidelity went through the roof through out the country, women and girls, almost lost connection with guys they loved because they wanted to fulfill a romance they claimed never sparked as in the book written by Stephanie Meyer's. It was terrible, I recall conversations I've had with friends about how their girl friends would compare them to a fictional character from the Twilight Saga and pointed out their so called flaws that they felt they saw in their partner. It was terrible, suddenly your picture on their face book account is replaced with a teen Vampire or Wolf. We, can not and will not let this happen again. So, guys if the girl your with is worth being with, you do everything in your power to fulfill her dreams. If you are, and she still cant talk to you face to face, then pull the plug, and leave her to find comfort in her book. lol

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