Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Time Vs Her Time


OK, where should I start. This dilemma has troubled many men, especially young men for sometime now. It seems as we start to date and find that special partner in life, we are willing to spend the needed quality time in the relationship in order to make it grow. Yes, men at times will put off hanging out with there friends, make that special moment (quality time) count; and talk, play and hold that deep conversation with our love-one. If this is you, congrats, because your about to be schooled on what's to follow when you decide afterward that you need time for yourself. Right now, your probably scratching your head, and wondering what am I talking about.

Well, it seems after conducting a small survey of guys on this issue, that 23 out of 37 guys feel that their girlfriends never feel fulfilled or satisfied with the time they spend with them. Despite the results, I was not amazed, because it's seems women for some reason don't see the guy's quality time as quality time, but rather interrogation. Women, according to some studies brains are developed more in the language department, thus why they talk more, and are always thinking about things they see and experience. For example, you'll be on the couch with your partner, then suddenly out of the blue, she will just bring up a conversation you guys held two weeks ago, and you happened to say something, she didn't quite understand what you meant. Suddenly, your in an argument, because you can't remember what you said, and she's mad at you for not being able to recall those words you uttered that day. So, now your in the dog house and find yourself spending time with her, just to calm her down. Sucks right! No guy, likes being forced to do anything, or talked down on because he needs time for himself. Why do women do this? doesn't it depend on the guy?

Let's look at the perfect guy scenario, he'll take her out Monday, they watch a movie Tuesday, Wednesday you take her out go bowling, Thursday you stay home and read together, and the coming Monday you happen to want to hangout with your friends. Suddenly, your questioned on your action, and all the time you spent with her is out the window. Guys I've spoken to say this mostly occurs with American girls, because of their insecurity and low levels of self esteem, while foreign women are more secure and reasonable. Why, I ask again is this the case? Most guys, who do right by their girlfriend/wife always try to take care of most household task, then ask; mind you for permission to play an online game or hangout with their buddies. Its a terrible trend that seems to be growing through out the dating world. I wrote this blog to bring attention to this dilemma, ask the question to men and woman, Why? What can be done to advert this mindset? Who's at fault, or can it be isolated?

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