Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The PMS Shield

"You don't understand, I'm very emotional right now, and I could use some compassion"
, yeah guys if you've heard these words uttered to you at least twice a month then you know someone is using the PMS shield. For those that don't know, PMS according to Websters Dictionary is a varying group of symptoms manifested by some women prior to menstruation that may include emotional instability, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headache, edema, and abdominal pain. Ok, after explaining what is it, lets talk how it can affect you, it seems PMS causes men to also experience anxiety, depression, headaches, emotional instability and irritability. (I'll explain later) No surprise there. You see, many women unfortunately during this process tend to use it as a Yell and Curse Free Card and put their male counter part into a world of pain. It's like they want us to feel the pain they feel, so they make life around us as uncomfortable as they are.

Now, is that fair; I don't think so, a study conducted sometime back, looked to find if men also experienced symptoms their female partner may experience when they are menstruating. Dr Aimee Aubeeluck of the University of Derby, surveyed 50 men and 50 woman, regarding symptoms normally associated with PMS, and his study found that men actually scored higher than women in everything apart from water retention. Interesting as that may sound, I'm not about to run out and buy a box of pad and sing with my partner about how we can make it. I'm looking at, what if men acted the same way women did, and used it as a excuse at time to get things done or delay them. Can you imagine, if you told your girlfriend or wife, you couldn't wash clothes today, due to pain in your lower back, or an reoccurring headache. I guarantee you will be called a coward of wimp, yet women often brag about how they can handle more pain than men, yet when they get a headache, they can't see past you wanting to go out to brief moment, or play a online game with your buddies when they are PMS'ing lol

Another study came up with another gem I like to call " Irritable male syndrome", this process occurs in man on daily basis. Unlike women who experience PMS for 6 days out of the month on average, IMS occurs in men very often do our level of testosterone fluctuations through out the day, thus resulting in mood swings, stomach cramps and even hot flashes. So, guys, when your girlfriend or wife, comes down on you hard regarding what your not doing during their PMS breaks, you can share with them what your bodies not letting you do, and test their reactions to your response. I know, you'll get an ear full, but women should not use this process of life as an shield, so they can just take advantage of our feeling for them, and try to walk over us.

For the women that don't abuse, this piece is not towards you. I'm no fool, I understand its a terrible experience to go through, but in life the way you approach a situation can determine how you come out of it. Somethings can be taken in strides, and others slowly with patience. This on the other hand, should be take with respect towards ones-self and others.

Until then...

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