Monday, February 8, 2010

The allure of the chase

The question was ask: Why do people like to chase, what's no available to them?

Chase, according to Webster dictionary it's an earnest or frenzied seeking action. I guess in other words, in order for someone to chase after someone else there has to be some driving force to push the idea that you can reach or catch your target. Love, according to scientists, it's a chemical reaction that occurs in our brains, that makes us feel a connection with someone. If that's the case, whats the thought process or chemical that everyone has to make them react with others who's chemical reaction is going off with someone else. Now, that I think about it, now that even sounds to complex to take in.

Many people claim they often fall for someone, who's involved in a relationship, for the challenge. The ability to make someone who claims they're in love, fall out of love. Its amazing, how this happens almost everyday, is it a chemical imbalance as scientist claim, or humans just creatures of nature trying to widen their territories. Now, the difference between us and the monkey, is our ability to communicate and react to situations and events with logical skills. I decided to talk about this topic, because its seems to occur every often, and the results never seem to differentiate. What makes a person, go against the grain, and seek love that's taken. Was it a romance that occured to late in life, was there filtering before comittments were made, or are people just that devious? A growing number of men married and dating are having a hard time dealing with this situation. It seems according to a female friend of mines, the number of decent men available to bring home to mom and dad is decreasing at an alarming rate. Women, seem to have realized this, and are willing to sacrifice their pride to chase a guy they feel will be a better match for them, than the girl they are currently dating. Thus, guys now a have to keep their guard up even more. Guard, I mean their social interaction skills can't be so charming, and so honest. What happen to the days of telling a girl, or even a women good morning, with out theme expecting something in return. It seems, people are kind jesters as keys to the city of relationshipville.

Guys, has this ever happen to you. You come to work, your female counterpart looks down, so you ask her whats wrong, she replies with a sad story or event. Then the next week, suddenly she's buddy buddy, but it seems more than that. suddenly you the guys she's always going to for consoling, then the ring on your finger doesn't mean so much to her ambitions. Now, I'm not beating on girl, guys do this also, but its just more aggressive on the female end. Why! I ask myself does this occur, you detect their ambitions aren't so pure, and question them on it, so suddenly your on their hater list and they start bad mouthing you to all the other female co-workers. What happen to the balance? So guys, here's a list of lines to look out for and question when a girl may be trying to chase you when your take:

1. She constantly ask you how the married life
2. She's always questioning why you got married
3. She some how compares her actions to that of your girlfriend or wife
4. She never want to hear about the making up you and your partner makes after a fight
5. She's always on shaky terms with her present love
6. She always wants to make sure she keeps in contact with you, but you can't call her at certain times
7. She's nervous when you special holiday come around, and your not available to hang out
8. She never answers her phone around you
9. She always presents herself as the answer to your dreams
10. When desperate, will follow you around

So guys, use these key point at work and even at your best friends house.

I'll post more of my finding in the future. You can post anything you came across as well, hey were in this together.

Until then.....

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